Top 10 best air fryer under 6000 in India 2023 – Reviews

Top 10 best air fryer under 6000 in India

Have you noticed how rapidly our kitchen technology is changing? For safety hazards or health, people are migrating towards more specific and fuller technology gadgets. You might have heard doctors recommending low cholesterol food or oily food. Can you do that? Then from my side, it’s a big No! cutting off oily food is no less painful than royal pain.

But, then how to be healthy?

Well, why worry? When technology is in our hands.

Oily food is no less than poison, but we can’t even live without eating one, then how’s this series going to end.

Well, can end at our list of best air fryer under 6000 in India.

If you are health conscious and foody, there could be no perfect option other than the best air fryer in India. The air fryers have made cooking 80 percent oil-free. What else would you ask for?

But, what about the price, air fryers must be costly? And numerous more questions would have started to pop up in your mind.

Hakuna Batata, Coz we have got your back with the best air fryer under 6000. Now, you can eat oil-free McCain, French fries, and countless snacks by saying goodbye to oils, and it is possible in your budget with the best air fryer in India under 6000.

Let’s see what we have hidden in our secret list of air fryers.

Air fryersBrandSpecialtyCheck Now
VARADA Max Air FryerVaradaIdeal for family with 2-6 membersBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy FryerKenstarExciting 100 recipe bookletBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Agaro air fryerAgaro KitchenDeep Fryer + Anti Slip FeetBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
American Micronic Air FryerAMERICAN MICRONICTurbo tunnel fresh air technologyBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Glen 3044 Rapid FryerGlenVapor steam for crisper and deep fryingBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Stok Air Fryer 4LSToKThink Beyond FryingBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-LightInalsaRapid Air TechnologyBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Stok ST-AF01 2.6L Air FryerSToKDouble Grill TechnologyBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Bright flame 3.2L 1350-Watt Healthy Air FryerBright flameMedium air fryerBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India
Lifelong Healthy Fry 1350-Watt Air FryerLifelongSmall air fryerBest Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Top 10 best air fryer under 6000 in India –

1. VARADA Max Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 39.5 Cm
  • Product Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Power Wattage: 1800 watts
  • Reduce the use of oil upto 85%
  • Auto Shut Off feature
  • Bigger cooking capacity

One of the most significant models with a 6.5 l capacity, the VARADA Max Air Fryer is a favorite product among the 2-6 family members. The VARADA Max Air Fryer can reduce the use of oil up to 85%, which is more than one could expect. It can reduce the use of oil to a minimum without compromising the taste.

The VARADA Max Air Fryer has a temperature range up to 80°C to 200°C, and it consumes power wattage up to 1800W, which is best for air frying, baking, and grilling. If you want a hassle-free cooking experience ensuring safety, then the VARADA Max Air Fryer will deliver you that experience. Its eight cooking pre-sets will make cooking easy for you. Plus, the air fryer gives you an auto shut off and overheat [protection, wherein the air fryer will auto shut down in both conditions.

The best part about the item is its lifetime support and one-year warranty, and it doesn’t work about the cleaning process as it is effortless to clean it as it comes with dishwasher accessories.

A customer-oriented product.


  • Advanced Rapid air technology
  • LCD Digital touch screen
  • Adjustable temperature and time
  • Scratches free modern design
  • Auto shut-off and heat protection feature
  • One year warranty


  • No cons so far

2. Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 36.1 x 34.7 cm
  • Product Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Digital controls
  • Seven Pre-set cooking options
  • Non-stick coating food basket
  • Timer upto 30 minutes

Kenstar is one of the reputed brands counted in the electronics market. Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Fryer is an innovative innovation of Kenstar that gives crispy, golden brown food without oil, which is why it is counted in the list of best air fryers under 6000 in India.

With no oil or a small amount of air, the Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Fryer can make the crispest food. The hot air circulation in the air fryer ensures the proper penetration and cooking of food. It has seven preset cooking options that allow you to bake, grill, cook, or fry the food. Above that, the digital controls make Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Fryer easy to use and handle. It has an overheating protector and auto shut-off feature inside it, saving the overcooking and overheating of food inside the fryer.

And the best part is the non-stick coating, which saves the food from sticking together, and no residue remains behind in the frying pan.

And the exciting offer with Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Fryer is its free recipe booklet with 100 recipes. What more could a foody ask for?


  • High-quality performance
  • Easy and convenient digital controls
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • One year warranty


  • Few users have an issue with small cord length
  • Few users have complained that the temperature does not spread to the bottom of the basket.

3. Agaro air fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 16.26 x 16.26 x 31.24 cm
  • Product Weight: 2.44 kg
  • 2 L Capacity
  • Variable temperature setting (150℃ to 190 ℃)
  • Anti-Slip Feet
  • Variable heat settings

Are you looking for a method to prepare crisper chips, fries, croquettes, onion rings, fried chicken, or battered fish? I think we found someone that matches your food requirements, and the Agaro air fryer has these high cooking features that will blow out your mind.

If you are more prone to accidents, then Agaro kitchens have got you back. The Agaro air fryer is an ideal air fryer with anti-slip feet that saves it from falling off and gives it stability.

The overheat protection feature of the Agaro air fryer delivers deliciously cooked food; along with that, it has a power and heat indicator light that will let you know about the cooked food setting, and it’s easy to clean the product with fully detachable parts.

Plus, you can cook multiple types of food with Variable temperature settings from 150℃ to 190 ℃.

Overall, there’s the company gives a two-year warranty on the product.


  • Power and heat indicator
  • 1.5 m long cord
  • Overheat protection
  • Fully detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Two-year manufacturing warranty


  • No cons so far

4. American Micronic Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 38 x 34 x 34 cm
  • Product Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Turbo tunnel fresh air technology
  • The non-stick frying basket
  • 30 minutes timer settings

The American Micronic Air Fryer is the johnny come lately in the market, but has quite impressed everyone and will be in high demand in the upcoming time. With its build, quality, and feature, it is the appeal of air fryers.

With half greater, 38% quicker, and 27% more energy-productive elements than its last version, American Micronic Air Fryer is popular, and same difference either way.

With its 30 minutes clock settings and flexible temperature controls, it makes cooking simple and helpful. What’s more exciting is the turbo tunnel fresh air technology of the air fryer.

Plus, you’ve got a non-stick frying basket that saves your food from sticking altogether.

With every bite of crunchy food, you must thank the keep food hot but stay cool American Micronic Air Fryer.

A 2-year warranty is attention-drawing for many customers


  • Two-year warranty
  • Precise temperature controls
  • Stay cool handle
  • Versatile food cooking techniques
  • Suitable for a medium-size family
  • Highly durable with its plastic body


  • Few users have issues with wattage as it takes quite a time to cook
  • It is slightly heavy

5. Glen 3044 Rapid Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product Weight: 5 kg
  • Capacity- 2.8 l
  • Power Wattage: 1350 watt
  • Rotatory Knob
  • Cool Touch handle

For over two decades, Glen has both instrumental revolutions in the kitchen. The Glen 3044 Rapid Fryer is an innovation of Glen manufacturers, and no wonder it will be equally rip-roaring with its in-vogue features.

Fry, grill, roast, or bake. Now blend your food in any way you want to. The cooking has been slightly more manageable with Glen 3044 Rapid Fryer. It has a 2.8 l capacity and a rotatory knob for quite effective food results.

It has a removable basket that’s easy to clean. And its cool-touch handle is best for better grip. Now you can go oil-free or reduce your oil consumption by up to 80% for a healthier and balanced diet.

Plus, you will get a recipe book that will help you to try out numerous finger-licking dishes.

The plus point is Vapor steam for crisper and deep-frying.


  • Stainless steel material
  • Rapid heating
  • Removable basket
  • Sleek design
  • Included recipe book
  • Teflon coated basket


  • No cons so far

6. Stok Air Fryer 4L

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Colour: Red
  • Product Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Capacity of 4l
  • Power Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Power Voltage: 220V- 240 V
  • Unique feature: Cook, Bake, Grill, Roast

Are you looking for an inexpensive method of frying or cooking? You can do any of them using the Stok Air Fryer 4L. Wit auto temperature control and management is an option for those who do not have a great idea about cooking temperature.

The beautifully crafted Stok Air Fryer 4L is not only a fryer, but it also has an excellent grip on Cooking, Baking, roasting, and Grilling. Now, you want to taste roasted chicken or baked potato; all is in your hands. The air fryer has eight pre-set control that will deliver you a fantastic cooking experience. Plus, that it has an indicator that indicates the overcooking or overheating of the food.

You’ll get a non-stick basket and pan, which will save your fryer from residues or stuck food.

If you think that in just a tiny amount, you are getting a healthier way to fry, then no! the Stok Air Fryer 4L has gone beyond frying. Now would you say no to that?


  • Get crisp, crunchy, and fresh food
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Non-stick pan or basket
  • Removable Basket and Pan
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • One year warranty


  • Slight Heavy

7. Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 36.5 x 32
  • Product weight: 5.27 Kg
  • The capacity of 4.2 l
  • Colour: Black/ Silver
  • Power Wattage: 1400 Watts
  • Rapid Air technology

Inalsa is the top company when it comes to customer satisfaction and comfort. Inalsa is a leading-rated company in Europe. A multifunctional in your budget.

Fulfill your cravings with the multifunctional Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light. It is enhanced with a rapid heating feature that makes cooking convenient and faster for you.

It has a quick-release button that will detach the basket from the air fryer that making it easy to clean. Along with that, the air fryer is laced with Intelligent knobs to adjust time and temperature settings. Now, you need not put extra effort into cooking as the Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light is here to make a delicious effort without oil.

Plus, you got a Dishwasher safe and easy-to-remove no-stick basket that will make the cleaning task cakewalk for you.

And don’t forget about two years warranty with the product.


  • 4.2 L cooking capacity
  • Laced with the safety mechanism
  • Temperature and Time adjusting knobs
  • Quick-release button
  • No- stick pan
  • One year warranty


  • No cons so far

8. Stok ST-AF01 2.6L Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 31.9 x 33.2 x 38.8 cm
  • Product Weight: 4.2 Kg
  • Capacity of 2.6L
  • Colour: Black White, Red
  • Power Wattage: 1350 Watts
  • Double Layer Grill technology
  • Rapid Air technology
  • Cooking time of 30 minutes

It is a miniature version of the Stok ST-AF01 4L air fryer. If you are an individual at home and looking for a more efficient yet budget-friendly Air Fryer. Then the Stok ST-AF01 2.6L Air Fryer will suit your requirements ideally.

Do not say no to hush and rush cooking with this perfectly blended Stok ST-AF01 2.6L Air Fryer.

Which non-vegan can say no to double grilled chicken? I can’t. Well, we have got the Stok ST-AF01 2.6L Air Fryer that can make you köstlich double grilled food with its dual grilled technology plus, you do not have to wait for eternity, as its rapid air technology will make your food in a snap.

With a cooking time setting of 30 minutes and its easy-to-clean feature, cooking has never been this easier.

With this highly efficient air fryer now, all you have to is set the time, wait and eat.

The healthiest yet most effortless way to taste luscious food.


  • Versatile Cooking
  • Easy and safe cleaning
  • A recipe book included
  • Make 85% less oil cooking
  • Detachable pan and basket
  • No stick pan and basket


  • No pause button included

9. Brightflame 3.2L 1350-Watt Healthy Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 35 x 37 cm
  • Product weight: 6 Kg
  • The capacity of 3.2 l
  • Power Wattage: 1350 watts
  • Strong plastic material

The following product on our list is Brightflame 3.2L 1350-Watt Healthy Air Fryer. It is an obvious choice for a medium air fryer. It very well may be a possibility for a family with 2-4 individuals. It is an easy-going air fryer on the market.

The Brightflame 3.2L 1350-Watt Healthy Air Fryer is a healthy option to make crisper and crunchy food. With its 3.2 l capacity and 1350 watt, it gives perfectly delicious food. It has a detachable pan that helps in giving non-sticky food products.

And it is an easily cleanable product in the market.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Safe product
  • One year warranty


  • No such cons

10. Lifelong Healthy Fry 1350-Watt Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 30 cm
  • Product Weight: 5.53 Kg
  • The capacity of 2.5 l
  • Power Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Adjustable temperature and time settings

The final product in our list of the best fryers in India under 6000 is Lifelong Healthy Fry 1350-Watt Air Fryer. It is one of the most affordable products on the market. This air fryer will satisfy all your needs if you want a deep-fried, grilled, or baked product.

Now, try to be a new chef in the kitchen with Lifelong Healthy Fry 1350-Watt Air Fryer. The adjustable knob is easy to rotate and helps in time and temperature adjustments. Now, make yourself easy in cooking with Lifelong Healthy Fry 1350-Watt Air Fryer.


  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable Pan
  • Faster cooking
  • Smoothly rotate knob
  • One year warranty


  • No such cons

So, here ends the list of best air fryer in India under 6000, hope here you would have found your frying prince charming.

Go beyond frying.

Buying Guide for Top 10 best air fryer under 6000 in India –

How air fryer work?

People are we still at sixes and sevens on how air fryers work without using enough oil and still delivering highly fried and yum fried food? Air fryers work with the latest technology, where the hot air gets circulated to the food that making it crunchy, crispy, and exterior without using any oil.

What can you cook in Air Fryers?

Air fryers are pretty fast and amusing. And if you are foody, then air fryers are flabbergasting for you. These can heat frozen food, or you can cook steak, chicken, pork chops, salmon, veggies, snacks, and vegetables with the air fryers.

Benefits of Using Air Fryers –

  • It reduces the use of oil in the food, which makes food healthy and delicious
  • It let to the minimal loss of natural moisture in food.
  • All the food is equally and properly cooked, with the distribution of an equal amount of food
  • There’s no extra energy is used, and it can save a tremendous amount of energy
  • The natural smell of the food remains the same, making it tastier.

What are the points to consider before buying an air fryer?

It’s a hard nut to crack to find a perfectly working and high featured best air fryer under 6000. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose one easily-

Cooking Capacity

You should check the cooking capacity according to your family size.

Small Air Fryer: If you live single or have two members in the house, then the single quart up to 2 QT is more than enough for you.

Medium Air Fryers: If you have 2-4 members in the family, then 3QT to 5QT size oil fryer is perfect for your family pattern.

Large air Fryer: If you have a large joint family, then the air fryers up to 5QT to 6QT will ideally suit your requirement.

The perfect cord length, Wattage, and Power:

Most air fryers in India are 3-point pin plug and operates with 1000 to 1500 watts.

And the most admired cord length for air fryers is 1.5meters.

Auto functionality:

These days the maximum number of machines have auto functionality, and so have the air fryers. Most air fryers have an auto shut-off feature or alarm that either shut down when the food is cooked or alarm notifies you of the cooked food.

Temperature Control:

Temperature control is a primary technical specialization when you look for any electronic gadget. Specific food products have a particular temperature for cooking; for example, chicken nuggets are 200 degrees, whereas it’s low for snacks.

Food Separator:

If you have a food separator feature in your air fryer, you can quickly cook multiple foods simultaneously, which can save your electricity and time as well. The food separator option is available in very few air fryers in India, plus they cost you a few bucks more.

I Hope these features have given you a brief idea of what to check out in the best air fryer in India under 6000 when you see one.

Best Pick (Best air fryer in India under 6000) :
Best Air Fryer Under 6000 In India

VARADA Max Air Fryer

Best air fryer in India under 6000

The best pick of the day for the best air fryer in India under 6000 in India is the VARADA Max Air Fryer. With its infinity pool and safety features, it is one of the best pieces to add to their kitchen set. Are you ready to do so at a minimal price? If yes! Check product number one on our list.

Grab the best for you.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the specialties of air fryers?

There are numerous reasons to use air fryers, but the top ones are:
– For the crunchy appearance of food
– No uneven cooking
– Maintains a balanced and healthy diet
– You can bake and roast at the same time
– Decrease cholesterol or calorie intake.

2. Air fryers are best for which kind of people?

Air fryers are the best options for people who –
– People who hate an extensive messy clean-up after cooking
– Those who want to take a healthier diet.
– People looking out for fast cooking methods
– Those who love fried food.

3. How to cool down Air Fryers after using them?

The Air Fryers have a cool auto feature. However, if you want fasting cooling, you can take out the cooking pan and fill it up with cool water.

4. Is pre-heating of Air fryers required?

Pre-heating is not mandatory; however, to reduce the cooking period up to 3-4 minutes, you can go for pre-heating.

5. what food items can be prepared in air Fryers?

You can make a number of food items starting from roasted chicken, Frozen foods, snacks, and grilled chicken to vegetables like peppers, corncobs, and zucchini. Whereas there are few vegetables like carrots, beans, and broccoli that require steaming.


Here, we are at the final destination of the best air fryer under 6000 in India. Hope till the end you have got the ideal option for you.

Without a doubt, the air fryers are going to be one of your healthiest things after exercise. If you want to take one step forward toward health, then it’s time with these uniquely technology-laced air fryers.

Top 10 Picks (Best Air Fryer Under 6k In India)

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