Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 500 in India 2023

Top 5 Best Fitness Bands Under 500 in India

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Fitness has always been a significant point in maintaining a peaceful and healthy life, and Covid has made an assurance that the healthier you are, the safer you will be.

Would you have believed me if I offered you the ‘best smart fitness band under 500‘ in the ’90s? Undoubtedly No.

But, what about now?

Fitness bands/smart watches are in fitness vogue these days and in positive aspects. And why these smart fitness bands are in trend or why people are moving towards them keeps you updated on technology. These smart fitness bands come along with tons of handy features, which include your daily tracking. Either it’s your health monitoring like heart rate monitor or blood pressure level, or keeping you alert of your remainders, or keep you updated on your Smartphone notifications.

These smartwatches offer more than a regular watch ever can. Thus, if you search for the best fitness band under 500, you have collided with the correct location.

We will provide you with the list of Best Fitness Band Under 500 in India from a starting budget price and a buying guide there, which will help you choose one among them by yourself.

Moving on to the list of Best Fitness Band Under 500 in India.

1. HUG PUPPY M4 Band Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band

Best Fitness Band Under 500

Key Features:

  • Product Weight: 150 gm
  • Colour: Black
  • Heart rate tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Alarm clock
  • You can receive notifications of calls/ messages/ WhatsApp/ Instagram
  • TFT HD LCD touch screen
  • 380 mAh polymer lithium rechargeable battery

‘ A step towards health.’

The first product in the best smart fitness brand under 500 that attracted most of the customers is HUG PUPPY M4 Band Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band, and when we say smartwatch then, it’s more than just a regular watch.

The HUG PUPPY M4 Band Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band is a smart fitness tracker that monitors every step you take towards bettering your health. This is a water resistance watch with a 70 mAh battery capacity. The smart band is a Bluetooth connective that accesses multiple fitness areas like heart rate sensors, activity records, calories burned, Sleep monitors and blood pressure.

Along with all these health benefits, you can keep access to your smartphone’s features such as alarm, Rejecting calls, and sending or receiving messages.
The HUG PUPPY M4 Band Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band can be charged using a USB cable that supports smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
The smartwatch is only compatible with Android 4.3 or iOS 7.1 and needs Bluetooth version 4.0. To connect your smartphone to the smartwatch, you need to download the ‘ Veryfit 2.0’ app, and then your health is in control of your smartwatch.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Removable strap, which means the strap can be changed
  • All the essential reminders will be in your hands
  • Compatible with iOS and Androids
  • Waterproof smart band
  • Ensures your safety


  • It has no warranty

2. SHOPTOSHOP ME3 Smart Band

Best Fitness Band Under 500

Key Features:

  • Product weight: 100 gm
  • Colour: Black
  • Get all notifications of smartphone on this smart band
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Calorie burned, track distance, step count- get all at one place
  • Weather display in your hands
  • 380 mAh lithium polymer battery

‘ A smart bracelet in your hands’

It’s not an easy task to count how many steps you have walked in a day or how many calories you have burned, or what’s your heart rate, and you can’t visit the doctor every few hours, to check your heart rate or other activities. But, now there’s another easy way.

Now you can track all your daily activities with SHOPTOSHOP ME3 Smart Band. Your tracking steps, distance covered, calories burned, active minutes, Blood pressure testing, sleep monitoring, everything is possible with this brand new SHOPTOSHOP ME3 Smart Band.
The smart fitness band has a notification-receiving feature. You can see calls/messages/ notifications from various social media sites or any other notification that you will receive on your smartwatch.

Even this smart band will help you find your phones if you have forgotten them somewhere in your room, office or desk.
The smart band has four different operational interfaces, which you can change according to your comfort, and it is equipped with a 380 mAh lithium polymer chargeable battery.

* To connect this SHOPTOSHOP ME3 Smart Band with your smartphone, you need to download the application mentioned for that particular watch, or you can download the app named YOHO, FIT PRO, LEFUN HEALTH. After that, you need to switch on the Bluetooth and location to connect with the smart band.


  • High-quality chargeable battery
  • Short charging time, longer battery life
  • Get all the notifications on your smartwatch
  • M3X ISP high definition full coloured display
  • Wide colour gamut for the HD experience
  • Easy to connect
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Fully waterproof


  • No negatives

3. Dronean HG77 ID115 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band

Best Fitness Band Under 500

Key Features:

  • Product Weight: 80 g
  • Colour: Black, Blue
  • GPS tracker and Phone locater
  • Remote control for phone camera
  • Bluetooth data sync
  • Anti-lost feature
  • Equipped with gravity sensor
  • Specific HR sensors

‘Stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle.’

The Dronean is another innovative brand when it comes to serving quality smart watches. And one of these reputable best fitness brands under 500 is Dronean HG77 ID115 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band.

This is a unisex watch for both men and women, where you can catch your day activities step by step. The watch covers all the health activities like calories burned, steps, distance covered, heart rate sensor, sleep monitor, call/ message/ notifications, Alarm, and Blood Pressure. The best part is at the end of the day. You can check your whole day’s activity with the Activity recorder feature on the smartwatch.

The Dronean HG77 ID115 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band is chargeable, and you can charge it with a micro USB cable used in smartphones.
Along with that, it is compatible only with Android 4.3 or above, iOS 7.1 or above and Bluetooth version 4.0 or above, and for the connection of the smartwatch to your smartphone, you need to download the app mentioned in the user manual.


  • Heart rate monitor
  • Step and distance counter
  • Calorie counter
  • Water-proof
  • Remote access to the notifications of smartphones
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight


  • No negative

4. Jyara M4 Smart Band

Best Fitness Band Under 500

Key Features:

  • Colour: Black, Red, Blue
  • 3D Sports step senor
  • Supports dynamic heart rate
  • Pedometer- step counter
  • IPX6 rated
  • 0.96 inch LED screen

An intelligent and skin-friendly watch in your hands- Jyara M4 Smart Band.

The new mp4 smart band has a 0.94-inch screen that gives a crisp-clear view of notifications and comes with highly flexible silicon straps, making it comfortable to wear and use. The smart bands are accessible to receive and disconnect a call, plus you can send or receive a message through it.  It gives you a call or message reminder too.
The Jyara M4 Smart Band is equipped with a 3D sports step sensor, calorie counter, distance covered, pedometer, support dynamic heart rate, Blood pressure, and Blood oxygen monitoring. The smart band is IPX6 rated, which makes it sweat or waterproof, but it’s better if you keep it away from swimming sessions or rain.


  • Call/ message reminder
  • Health monitoring
  • Call or notification viewer
  • Easy to carry around
  • Highly flexible and comfortable to use
  • Water and sweat proof
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets


  • No negatives

5. Like Star New M4

Best Fitness Band Under 500

Key Features:

  • Product Weight: 80 gm
  • Colour: Black
  • Anti-lost feature
  • Waterproof design
  • Shake shooting: Remote access to camera
  • For bright screen: Raise your hand
  • Find wristband/ smartphones feature
  • Access to various languages
  • Information reminder

‘Take smart steps with us.’

The final product in our list of best fitness brands under 500 in India is Like Star New M4. A smartwatch with smart features. This Like Star New M4 is a 100% quality checked and verified product.

The all-day tracking activities like step tracking, reminder, distance, calories burned, active minutes, notifications, call/ message reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, and social sharing can quickly check these activity details o.96 inch TFT HD LCD touch screen of the smart band. Along with that, the LCD comes along with four different operational interfaces.
The Like Star New M4 smartwatch has a 380 mAh lithium polymer battery, with a standby time of 180 hours, while the watch only takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged.

Plus, the smart band is only compatible with Bluetooth version 4.0 or above and Android version 4.3 or higher. And to connect the smart band with your smartphones, all you need to do is install the app mentioned in the manual and scan the barcode then connect the Bluetooth.

Easy steps to a healthy lifestyle.


  • Hate rate and blood pressure monitor
  • Steps and distance counter
  • Calories burned
  • Social sharing/ notifications
  • HD screen display
  • 72 hours of battery life
  • 1.5 hours for charging
  • Can be charged with a micro USB cable from smartphones
  • Most comfortable product


  • No negatives

Thus, Here ends the list of the Top 5 best innovative fitness bands under 500 in India. The bands will let you keep updated with yourself.

Buying Guide for best smart fitness band under 500-

It is easy to read the list of the best smart fitness bands under 500 in India. Equally tough is to select one of them. Thus, we have especially made a buying guide for you that will help you select the best smart fitness band under 500 and give you a crisp view of the feature one should consider before buying a new branded smart brand.

How to choose a smart fitness band-

A smart fitness band is just more than an electronic device used to track your steps towards your health activities, but they have become a part of our healthy life. Whether it’s gyming, running, exercising, or dancing even now at swimming sessions, these fitness smart bands are easily seen. But keeping track of a perfect suitable best smart fitness band under 500 is not that easy.

There are some features one should keep in mind before taking a step forward toward these smart bands.

1. Smartphone Active:

Fitness bands have a feature to connect with a smartphone to deliver immense comfort. After integration with smartphones, you can receive messages, notifications, calls, and reminders on your smart band. Now you can connect with your social and personal activities via a smart band.

2. Exercise reorganization:

Few smart bands have a feature to identify and track the type of activity, and the activity performance will be displayed on the LED screen of the smart band.

3. Health features updater:

Smart fitness watches track multiple activities, and the major ones are Heart rate monitor, Blood pressure monitor, Step counter, calorie burner, and distance covered.

These are the minor features a regular smart fitness band should have.

Best Pick (Best Fitness Band Under 500) :
Best Fitness Band Under 500

Dronean HG77 ID115 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band

Best Fitness Band Under 500

Each and every fitness smart band in our list is unique and full of updated features. Your health, personal and professional remainder, these watches keep you updated in all the era. But, selecting one of them is like searching for a needle in the ocean. And that will need sonar, and for your today, we are the sonar.

Thus, today’s best pick for the best fitness band under 500  is the Dronean HG77 ID115 Plus Bluetooth Smart Fitness Band.

FAQ (Best Fitness Band Under 500) –

1. What is the difference between a smartwatch and a fitness band?

You can consider smartwatches as mini cell phones to keep track of your calls, notifications, messages, camera, etc.

While a fitness band tracks and monitor your daily health activities like heart rate, calories burned, stress level, blood pressure, and steps, along with keeping an update on your notifications and calls as well.

2. Can we answer calls on smart fitness bands?

Along with receiving and reading messages and notifications, you can reject or disconnect a call on these fitness smart bands, while sending messages or calling is not possible through them.

3. Are these fitness smart bands waterproof?

It depends on the smart you are buying and of what brand it is. They mention in the user guide, whether the watch is waterproof or not.

But, all the fitness smart bands in our list of best fitness bands under 500 are waterproof.

4. Is it safe to wear the fitness smart bands 24×7?

These fitness bands emit EMF radiation, which levels to almost zero, thus making them non-harmful. So, yes, you can wear smart fitness bands everywhere except when for your sleep.


This article sums up the best fitness band under 500. These are low-budget smart bands but have superior quality, durability, and battery life, which is why they are catching the attention of many. All the products that are mentioned above are tested and highly evaluated. We have tried our best to serve the best out of the rest for you.

So, that’s all for today.

Hope this article has the answers you were seeking and this would have helped you choose the best smart band for you.

Top 5 Picks (best fitness band under 500 in India)

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