Top 10 Best Treadmill Brands For Home Use in India 2023

Top 10 best treadmill brands for home use in India 2023

Which ‘Brand’ is the best is the first question that pops up in our mind as soon as we start planning to buy any product. We search for the best brand, not only in electronics or fitness gadgets but in clothes and even these days in masks, we search for the best brand. Do you wonder why?

Talking about fitness, what’s your status in fitness? Whereas lockdown had made some people healthy and fit, on the other side it’s a tough situation for gym freaks or joggers. Well, we believe there’s always a second door, and for gym lovers, joggers, or runners, that second option is treadmills. But again, arises the question ‘What are the Best treadmill brands for home use in India?

You might have come across several articles about the best treadmills in India or the best treadmills that are perfect for home use, but what about which are the Best treadmill brands for home?

If you ask me, why go for a brand? Then tell me why you go for the Laptop of H.P. or Dell or Lenovo. Why not buy one of a local brand? Some would say reliability, warranty or durability, and so on. So, why compromise when it comes to treadmills? If you have an option, why not pick them up?

In this article, we picked the top treadmill brands for home use in India, and trust me, and you are going to love them. So, what to wait for? Let’s start our journey for the Best treadmill brands in India.

Top 10 Best treadmill brands for home use in India

1. NordicTrack

NordicTrack is a brand that started with a motive of comfort for gym lovers—established in Minnesota. Today, NordicTrack is a top name in the Best treadmill brands for the home. The treadmill models of NordicTrack are laced with a touch screen and support the digital iFit Coach app. The app helps the users can take advantage of complete workout programs. The NordicTrack manufactures treadmills of three different levels – the entry-level T series, the higher-spec commercial series, commercial incline treadmill series. The Commercial series have multiple plus points like extra-wide tracks, the advanced cushioning system for joint protection, Sturdy, comfortable and durable design, Smooth and quiet operation and steeper inclines.

Plus, the treadmills have a foldable design that occupies low space. The NordicTrack treadmills work on the Continuous duty horsepower (CHP). The H.D. touch screens give a clear display. And when it comes to warranty, the NordicTrack will not disappoint you with its ten-year frame warranty, 2-year warranty on parts, and one-year machine warranty. Overall said the NordicTrack treadmills are best known for their never-ending best features.


  • They have extremely powerful CHP motors
  • Virtual gym membership with iFit app
  • Inclines are the main reason why NordicTrack is in high demand
  • It has extra-long wide tracks
  • It gives a 10-year warranty on the frame, two years on the part, and one year on the motor.


  • The assembling process is not easy

Two best treadmills of NordicTrack

2. PowerMax

PowerMax is a reputed brand when it comes to treadmills. The PowerMax treadmills are one of the best and most reliable products standing tall in all parameters, whether its structural strength or highly efficient features. Every year, the company spends millions on delivering the best to the clients and developing better, reducing the stress on the joints of the knee and ankles. The PowerMax treadmills are equipped with (CHP) Continuous horsepower. The treadmills of PowerMax are convenient, reliable and hassle-free. Plus, it is the top brand in the sports category. With external services like warranty period, fast and safe delivery, installation service, it is quite a loved brand that manufacturers the treadmills of almost all price range from low, mid to high. If you want an in-budget treadmill, then PowerMax is one of the Best treadmill brands for home use in India.


  • Amusing maximum weight capacity
  • High structural strength
  • Sturdy and stable design
  • Easy and hassle-free
  • Extensive range of treadmills
  • In-budget treadmills


  • The treadmill maintenance is chargeable

Two best treadmills of PowerMax

3. Durafit

Duravit Treadmills are the first choice for a family workout. Duravit is one of the authentic treadmill brands with high-quality features and elements. Durafit has a satisfying reputation in the market, and it is justified with its products. It is best known for its motorized treadmills with high motor power and foldable design that saves a large space of your room. The best part is that these treadmills are perfect for jogging or walking. Plus, the maximum weight capacity of the Duravit treadmills is quite high, and you can easily entertain yourself with a rocking music session that you can connect with by AUC cable. The LED screen helps you have a good view of time, distance covered, pulse rates and calories burned. Everything in one place, what else you need?


  • Great servicing and warranty
  • Heavy power motor
  • High-quality frame material
  • Best for family use


  • No cons so far

Two best treadmills of Durafit

4. Healthgenie

Started in 2014, today Healthgenie is a superior quality treadmill manufacturer in the market. Its strong build quality and awe-inspiring features are preferred choices for home or gym use treadmills. Healthgenie has a wide variety of treadmills based on your requirement and budget, attracting customers the most. Whether it’s a need of a pro athlete or a beginner, you will find the authentic product for yourself at Healthgenie. The Healthgenie treadmills have a speed variation of 1-12km/h and are equipped with a massage system. The running surface area is safe, comfortable, and designed to perfectly balance heavyweights. The large LCD is easy and user-friendly that displays your movements on the treadmill. The compact and foldable design ensures you don’t have to give a large space to the Healthgenie treadmills.

Undoubtedly Healthgenie will maintain your health and lifestyle accurately.


  • High power motor
  • Large LCD
  • Speed variations perfect for both athlete as well as beginner
  • 6 in 1 massage system
  • Convenient and comfortable running belt
  • Maximum user weight capacity
  • Compact and foldable design


  • No cons so far

Two best treadmills of Healthgenie

5. Cockatoo

The Cockatoo treadmill is space-saving treadmills with a foldable design that you can store at a corner after use and upgrade with a fantastic display and technology. With great features and great technology, it’s a perfect fit for daily use. The Cockatoo gives a three-year warranty on the treadmill’s motor with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the parts, plus they are precisely known for their service. Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, the company makes sure to have a good running belt. The treadmills are laced with a heavy power motor and have a high user weight capacity. The treadmills have a speed range from 0-12km/h that you can change according to your comfort. The sturdy steel frame of the treadmills gives them a longer and durable life. The heart rate sensor makes sure for the precise focus on your heart rates. The Cockatoo treadmills have control buttons for the integrated control of the easy and convenient treadmill.


  • Warranty: Three years –Motor, 1 Year – Parts and Lifetime- Frame
  • High-quality display
  • Large running belt
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Speed variations
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Controlling buttons on treadmills
  • 12-pre-set programs in all treadmills
  • Easy to install


  • The speed range can be better

Two best treadmills of Cockatoo

6. Kobo

Kobo is the quality brand counted for sports equipment. Kobo manufacturers superior quality treadmills in the market and are worthwhile for long periods. The Kobo treadmills are laced with a classic LED display that delivers you all information about your workout sessions. The maximum user weight capacity of Kobo treadmills is approx. 100 kg, which is more than sufficient. You’ll find the Kobo treadmills with a large running belt where you can comfortably enjoy your running, jogging. Classy moving sessions. Kobo is known for its high-power motors and high maintenance service. Plus, you’ll get a heart rate sensor in almost all the Kobo treadmills. For entertainment, you can connect a USB/AUX cable to your device. Get both entertainment and workout at the same place with Kobo treadmills.


  • Sleek and durable design
  • High maintenance service
  • Heart rate sensor in all treadmills
  • Large running belt
  • Heavy power motor


  • Few treadmills might heat after a long-duration workout

Two best treadmills of Kobo

7. MaxPro

With a solid and sturdy look, the motorized and manual treadmills of MaxPro are famous among gym lovers or users. Either it’s a workout at home or gym, the MaxPro treadmills are not going to disappoint you. With a durable design, these are highly long-lasting treadmills if cared for properly. Plus, you don’t have to worry about loud noise, as the high-power motor is noiseless and quiet even when you’ll work out. Not only jogging or running, but you can also perform a number of cardio exercises on the treadmill. The treadmills have shock-absorbing pads that will save you from shock and give you a safe workout. The best feature is that the MaxPro makes sure its treadmills have all the safety features and equipment.

 Don’t forget to check out the treadmills of MaxPro.


  • Shock-absorbing pads on the treadmills
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Safe workout with MaxPro treadmill
  • Can perform cardio exercises


  • No cons so far

Two best treadmills of MaxPro

8. Lifeline Fitness

Lifeline Fitness is known for its best manual and mechanized treadmills with long and durable life. Focusing on the user’s requirement, the running belts are quite large. The brand is a highly reputed brand of India. Every 2 of 1 treadmill of Lifeline Fitness is equipped with multiple eye-catching and comforting features. With the smooth wheels, the movability and shifting of these foldable treadmills are quite easy. The machines have two diverse levels of running or walking that you can use according to your comfort.


  • Smooth-shifting with the wheels
  • Highly reliable
  • Multiple levels for running and jogging
  • Foldable design


  • No cons so far

Two best treadmills of Lifeline Fitness

9. Reebok

If you are not more into fitness equipment, then Reebok is just a branded shoe manufacturer for you, but for your wonder, Reebok has just made a jump to the fitness machine industry and is doing amazingly good work. Stepped into this business in 2014, Reebok has made great progress in the quality and features of its treadmills. The most admired features of Reebok Treadmills are that they have this unique colour touch-screen with android browsers, with a fan, water bottle holder and in-built Hi-Fi speakers as additional treadmill accessories. Plus, the Reebok treadmills have zig-zag and bouncy cushioning that gives users a better grip and energy.

 The Reebok treadmills are laced with commercial-grade motors for smooth and high-speed running. Along with shock assisting technology, they have a space-saving design. The Reebok treadmills have a higher study and stable look with long-running tracks laced with 40-pre-set workout programs. Plus, the best part is that Reebok offers a goof warranty period for its treadmills.


  • Coloured Touch-screen android browsers.
  • Bouncy, grippy and zig-zag cushioning.
  • Commercial grade motors for smooth and energetic running
  • Space-saving design
  • Highly stable and sturdy
  • Longer and smooth-running tracks
  • 40 pre-set workout programs
  • Great warranty on the treadmills


  • The price of Reebok treadmills is not as expected

Two best Reebok treadmills

10. Fitkit

Fitkit treadmills are the ideal choice for professional as well as home users. They have an easy fit designed, which makes them a less space-consuming and simple product. FitKit is known for its budget treadmill, and now with FitKit, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can buy a highly featured treadmill in your budget. The treadmills are fully customized and integrated with updated technology and features. Just 5 minutes in the FitKit treadmill are going to make you feel energetic and motivated. All you need to do is buy any of the highly classic/pro and mini treadmills of FitKit.

You are going to love it.


  • Heavy motor power
  • High quality steel material
  • Anti-corrosion steel frame
  • In-budget treadmills
  • Reliable and worthwhile treadmills
  • Easy to use


  • No cons so far

Two best treadmills of Fitkit

It’s a big question to ask, before buying a new treadmill for home use in India, that what are the plus points of having a treadmill at home? Why not go to the gym rather than buying a treadmill? Let’s check out what are the reasons which push you to buy a treadmill for home use.

Benefits of having a treadmill at home

  • It can save a huge part of a gym membership, plus it will last long for years with you.
  • You can use it anytime, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes, without worrying about the time boundation.
  • No need to change for a gym look. Just wear your sneaks grab a water bottle, and you are all set to go.
  • You don’t have to worry about the weather, and you can walk whenever you want
  • It’s a good stress-buster after a hectic day when the kid is finally on the bed.
  • You can either play your favourite song, watch your favourite episode, hear an audible book, and enjoy your calorie-burning session.
  • You’ll not need a huge space to keep the treadmill as these days they have a foldable design. Use them when you need them; otherwise, fold them and keep them aside.
  • You can paint your nails and let them dry while you enjoy a walk on your home treadmill.
  • There’s no good time to use a treadmill. Just walk whenever you feel like it.
  • Are you a housewife and couldn’t focus on your health due to tiring house chores? Then the treadmill can use a best friend.

There could be different reasons for buying a treadmill for home use, and ultimately, all questions lead to one solution, and that is buying a treadmill. What’s yours?

Best Pick

We have the list of top-rated brands and all the best of best. There’s no single one to choose as the choice depends from person to person. It’s the same as Beauty products, where some love Maybelline, and some would go for other brands. Similarly, you can choose any of the above given best treadmill brands in India at your budget price. Choose smartly that fits perfectly with your expectations, required features and will easily set in your budget. Check the best treadmill in India now.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to use the treadmill safely?

It’s precisely right that safety is the priority while using a treadmill. You must know how to keep yourself safe while using a treadmill. Thus, you must know the safety guidelines. One wrong button or step can do great harm.

What should you do before you start a treadmill?

– Before starting, consult a professional or trainer. Plus, in major health conditions, have a consultation with the doctor.
– Learn how to operate the machine, control it or what’s the safety key for the machine. And after that, start using it.
– You should have appropriate running shoes for the treadmill.
– Don’t step on or off the treadmill while the running belt is moving.
– These days treadmills have manual or auto incline functions. It reduces the risk of knee pain and prevents shock upto 24%. Try not to increase the grade by more than 3%.

2. What is the CHP in a treadmill?

CHP stands for Continuous horsepower, and it is more efficient and powerful than the regular horsepower that used to be in the motor of old version treadmills. It signifies the motor power of the treadmill. For walking purposes, you can go for 2.0 HP/CHP and running purposes. Try choosing 2.5 HP/ CHP treadmills.

3. Which treadmills are much better: Manual or automatic?

No wonder, these days treadmills have automatic functions. A motorized/ Automated treadmill offers a powerful workout, whereas a manual can be boring after few months.

According to user’s reviews, Electric treadmills are more fun to work out and are more in trend.

4. Do Manual treadmills have a negative effect on the knee or joints?

The manual treadmills lack in belt cushioning system, due to which it does have a slight negative impact on the knee and hip joints. Try to buy an electric one, or if not, then in Manual treadmills, beginners and older people are advised to walk or jog.

5. Are treadmill motors A.C. or D.C.?

If you might have noticed, then you have seen D.C. motors in-home treadmills. Normally, the home use treadmills have D.C. motors, whereas the gym treadmills are laced with A.C. motors that require a dedicated power line.

6. How long it takes to burn 1000 calories on a treadmill?

Well, it varies from person to person and whether the user is running or jogging, or walking. But approximately it takes around 60 minutes to burn 1000 calories on a treadmill.


It becomes very hard to choose when you have hundreds of options. But now we have made the task easy for you. Now, you can easily choose the best treadmill for yourself with our list of Best treadmill brands for home use in India. These are the topmost brands famous for delivering the best quality treadmill laced with high features and durability.

You can check the best treadmills of any of these brands, and trust me, and you are going to love it. Selecting a treadmill for home use at your budget price is now easy with us.

Check the other articles to know more about the best treadmills in India.

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