Which is Better JBL C100SI Vs JBL C150SI in 2023?

What is the difference between JBL C100SI Vs JBL C150SI?

I believe every product purchased should be worth money. And trust me, if I say I’m sound conscious, especially when it comes to earphones or headphones. The most irritating part for me is to see my earphones getting damaged every next day. And then I have to start the process of buying a new earphones again. But then I came across the products of JBL, which I believe are quite impressive.

Thus, today, we are the two most famed products of JBL, JBL C100SI Vs JBL C150SI.

Both the JBL C100SI Vs JBL C150SI are being purchased and loved in a humongous amount, but not everyone wants to buy both, So Why not help you out to choose one? This article will give you a brief detail about both the products, and till the end, you will be able to differentiate between JBL C100SI Vs JBL C150SI.

JBL C100SI Vs JBL C150SI Comparison Table

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JBL C100SI Vs JBL C150SI Features/ Specifications-



You can say JBL C150SI is an all-day comforting earplug. The weight of the product is extra comfortable and light. It is a long-term product. The earphones come up with versatile ear tips for cutting-edge fitting. The JBL C150SI is compatible with all the devices with a 3.5mm jack.

JBL C100SI is a portable, lightweight product. It is designed to wear comfortably for an extended period. With an amazingly sleek design and build quality, this earphone is highly popular among certain users. A single button is given as the remote control of this earphone.

Color Option-

JBL C150SI has three options for color that are red, black, and white.

JBL C100SI has the multicolor option of black, white, and red.

Sound quality-

JBL C150SI offers a crisp, clear, and high-definition sound quality. The earbuds fit in the ear canal perfectly. The overall experience served by JBL C150SI is beyond expectations.

The combination of treble and bass offers an amazing music experience.

JBL C100SI has a powerful bass with 9mm drivers. You will get to hear crisp, clear sound quality with the legendary bass sound.

Battery life-

As both the JBL C100SI vs JBL C200SI earphones are wired, so stop worrying about the charging and battery life of these super cool earphone sets of JBL.


Both the JBL C100SI vs JBL C150SI are highly affordable, even below 1k. Top-notch quality earphones can be yours just at a price under 1000.

What you have to do is, visit Amazon now and check for these real quality earphones now.

Final Verdict:

Both earphones are top-quality products with multiple attractive features. Even being almost the same, both are giving neck-to-neck competition against each other. Both products are versatile in themselves.

Whereas JBL C150SI has a one-button control feature with great noise cancellation, wherever JBL C100SI has solid bass with powerful drivers.

So, one looking for powerful bass- can have a great combination with JBL C100SI, while who use earphones more for calling, then JBL C150SI is a better option for them.

Check them out on Amazon.

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