Top 10 best earbuds under 2000 in India 2022

Top 10 best earbuds under 2000 in India

Admiring the convenience earbuds offer, no wonder why truly wireless earbuds are in high demand and pace among customers and the electronics market. The data says it all by itself, as the TWS shipments grew by 723% in 2020, with multiple brands like boat, Xiaomi, Realme, JBL, pTron, etc.

You don’t have to think about the hassles with cable for the first time, just a straightforward case holding a pair of earbuds. How convenient. I wonder what else technology will let us give awe-inspiring views.

Plus, what’s more, convenient are the prices. You can quickly get the best tws under 2000.

Are you budget cognizant? Well, don’t be.

We have piled the set of Top 10 best earbuds under 2000 in India. This article will not only help you to choose one but also help you to know, how to choose em’.

Prepare yourself to get a jaw-dropping experience with us.

It’s time to give a designated stop to your hunt for the best earbuds under 2000.

Top 10 best earbuds under 2000 in India 2022-

1. Noise Shots Nuvo

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 50 g
  • Color: Stealth Black
  • 32 hours playtime with charging case
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Bluetooth range: 10 m
  • IPX4 certified
  • Supports Voice assistant
  • Ultra-fast charging, 10 minutes last to 80 minutes
  • 6mm dynamic drivers

The first hottest news in our list for best earbuds under 2000 in India is Noise Shots Nuvo. A product with maximum features at minimum cost. Either it’s sound quality, voice assistant, or battery backup, the Noise Shots Nuvo will not disappoint you.

‘Free your music’: Noise Shots Nuvo justifies its tagline perfectly with all its amusing features.

Starting with the feather lightweight of 4 g to auto-connecting feature. The earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth version v5.0 and are IPX4 certified, making them sweat/water or dust resistant.

The earbuds have 6mm dynamic drivers, which gives excellent sound when counted to its price. Plus, it supports all types of voice assistants. These are fast charging earbuds with ASAP charging technology, where 10 minutes of charging long last to 80 minutes. And the charging case delivers seven times charging of the earbuds and an approx of 32 hours of playtime. With a long-lasting battery, the company gives a one-year warranty on the earbuds.


  • Feather light weight
  • Sweat proof design
  • Decent bass
  • High fidelity sound
  • Super quick pairing
  • One year warranty


  • No noise cancellation

2. boAt Airdopes 171

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 50 g
  • Color: Active Black, Cool Grey, Mysterious Blue, Rose Gold
  • Total Playback time of 13 hours
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • IPX4 rated
  • Average battery life: 10 hours

boat is a renowned name when it comes to earbuds, earphones, or headphones. Our second product for best TWS under 2000 is a sweet launch of boat, The boAt Airdopes 171.

‘Move with the sway’– and the tagline says it all.

boAt Airdopes 171 are an ergonomically designed set of earbuds for immense music experience with a sporty look and secured appropriate hooks. The earbuds have 6mm dynamic earbuds with an enthralling sound quality; with that, it gives bliss and super punchy bass. While music or calling, the earbuds leaves no chance to deliver a high-quality, crisp, and clear sound.

boAt Airdopes 171 is IPX4 certified with Bluetooth version 5.0. And the battery backup is satisfactory with 43 mAh battery backup on each earbud and 380 mAh of charging case. With that, each of the earbuds can give a playback time of 3 hours, while with the charging case, the battery backup is 10 hours.

At last, the earbuds have ASAP fast charging, where 10 minutes charging can lead to 60 minutes of continuous music.


  • Ergonomic and sporty look
  • Secure fit with hooks
  • Good audio quality
  • supports stereo calling
  • Splash proof
  • Captive touch controls
  • One year warranty


  • Low noise cancellation
  • Average bass

3. Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 90 g
  • Color:
  • Auto pairing mode
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Battery life: 5.5 hours
  • IPX5 certified
  • Bluetooth version v5.0
  • 18 hours playtime with charging case

Quality and affordable price are what Boult is known for. Giving a neck-to-neck competition to its other competitors, Boult has launched another product Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds.

‘Find what moves you.’

With a sporty look and secure fit design, this is one of the rarest designs you will find with earbuds. The snug fit hooks make sure that the earbuds do not fall off while doing various activities.

The charging case is in pebble shape with a lid closing and opening lock mechanism.

The earbud has a 9mm dynamic driver, which is why heavy bass and Boult signature sound. It has updated Bluetooth version v5.0 with a connectivity range of 10 m. The earbuds have great sound and call quality but only at quiet places.

Plus, the earbuds have low latency, which makes them perfect for gaming sessions.

The Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds are said to have 5 hours playback time where the charging case gives a total of 15v hours battery life.

Overall counted as one of the best earbuds under 2000. At this price range, it serves satisfactory results.


  • Supports voice assistant
  • Monobud feature
  • Supports stereo calling
  • Improved microphone quality
  • Average battery life: 7 hours


  • No active noise cancellation

4. Portronics Harmonics Twins mini

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 31gm
  • Color: Black, Blue, Green, Black-Grey, Black-Red
  • 3015 advanced chipset
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Four LED indicator for battery levels
  • IPX 6 certified

Slowly but steadily, variant brands are making their place in the electronic market. Our third rank holder for best tws earbuds under 2000 is an example of that, The Portronics Harmonics Twins mini.

‘ Take your groove with you, wherever you go.’

Portronics Harmonics Twins mini is the first product on our list with a 3015 advanced chipset.  The Portronics Harmonics Twins mini is a set of effortless earbuds. The earbuds are made of plastic, which makes them robust and durable, And the charging case is made of rigid rubber texture, which gives a certified grip on the case and saves it from slipping. The charging case is equipped with four LED indicators that notify the charging level/percentage. The earbuds are equipped with 8mm dynamic drivers, which serve a loud and clear sound.

It can be used in the mono bud feature too.

Among all these, the Portronics Harmonics Twins mini gives a 4 hours battery life, where earbuds can be charged three times using the charging case.

Thus, overall the best earbud under 2000, with multiple features.


  • True wireless stereo calling
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Four size earbuds
  • Active and smart case
  • Durable plastic material
  • One year warranty


  • Average mic quality
  • No noise cancellation

5. Muzili True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 4 gm
  • Color: Black
  • Bluetooth version v5.0
  • Total 36 hours of playtime
  • 6 hours playtime
  • IPx7 rating
  • Stereo/ mono mode

‘Enjoy Music Anytime, Anywhere.’

And Muzili has done it, with its sport earhook earbuds- Muzili True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth. Now, the question arises here is, why choose Muzili True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth?

There are multiple reasons to chose it for its broad compatibility or IPX7 rating, or Stereo or mono mode use.

It is an ergonomically designed earbud with a sporty look and secure fit hooks, and it comes in three different sizes of ear tips and two ear hooks. With that, the earbuds are equipped with advanced Bluetooth version 5.0 and are IPX7 certified, which makes them waterproof and sweat proof.

The earbuds give a 6 hours playback time and all thanks to their 60 mAh battery. Simultaneously, the charging case offers a total of 30 hours of battery life to the earbuds.

Along with that, the earbud is equipped with auto-pairing mode and one-button control. Multiple features in one place.


  • Superior sound quality
  • Double ear hooks: Black and green color
  • Three size ear tips: Small, medium, large
  • Water and sweat proof
  • One button control
  • Auto pairing


  • No details about noise cancellation

6. Oppo Enco W11

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 4g
  • Color: White
  • 20 hours of uninterrupted music
  • Enhanced bass
  • Bluetooth version v5.0
  • IPX55 water and dust resistant
  • 5 hours playback time

‘Music never drops.’

Oppo is trying to make its place in the market with its recently launched products, and Enco M31 has shown positive results.

Oppo has launched another product, the Oppo Enco W11, which gives stiff competition to brands like Redmi and Realme.

The Oppo Enco W11 is made of hard plastic material, which prevents it from scratches and other collateral damages. The ear tips perfectly fit in the ear canal and give a tight and comfortable fitting. The charging case has four LED indicators designed to indicate the battery level of the charging case.

It is equipped with 8mm dynamic drivers that respond to loud and clear bass. The vocals and treble are clear and crisp. With that, there are equalizer settings for significant sound quality. There is a clear separation between the treble notes.

The earbuds are IPX55 certified, that even they do not bother to rain. The earbuds take a 2 hour charging time while having an unlimited battery backup of 20 hours.

Get a touch of intelligence with Oppo Enco W11.


  • Maximum audio experience
  • Once paired, always paired
  • Good noise cancellation


  • Delicate charging case
  • No gaming mode

7. Redmi Earbuds S

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 36 gm
  • Color: black
  • 4 hours playtime
  • 12 hours battery backup
  • IPX4 rating
  • Multifunctional button
  • 7.2 mm dynamic drivers
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours

Redmi is a sub-oriented Xiaomi brand, which bought a hurricane in the electronic market worldwide, predominantly Asian countries.

In India, most people are leaning towards Redmi because of its affordable price and updated features.

The 7th product for best earbuds under 2000 in India is Redmi Earbuds S. The case is made of plastic material with a matte texture that saves it from slipping. The earbuds are small in size with a snug fit design. It has 7.3 mm, dynamic drivers, and that delivers a decent sound quality. It gives an average bass with a clear separation between vocals and high notes.

The sound is clear with zero noise distortion. With that, it is laced with Realtek audio chipset, which gives passive noise cancellation.

The Redmi Earbuds S are IPX4 certified, thus makes them water-resistant. It can serve up to 4 hours of playtime, and the charging case can charge the earbuds twice with a total battery backup of 12 hours. In a price range of 2,000. The features delivered by Redmi Earbuds S are more than expected, so, a worth buying best tws under 2000.


  • Sleek and classy design
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for gaming mode
  • Sweat and splash-proof
  • Single click function
  • Supports voice assistant


  • Flimsy plastic case

8. pTron Bassbuds

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 28 gm
  • Color: Black, Blue, Green
  • 6 hours playback time
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Supports stereo calling
  • Bluetooth version v5.0
  • 20 hours battery life by charging case
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters

If you search for a universal earbud, then our 8th product for best earbuds under 2000 can be a one-stop destination for you: The pTron Bassbuds.
pTron Bassbuds are low-budget earbuds with original features. These are ergonomically designed earbuds, which perfectly fit the ear canal for comfortable long hours.

It is a truly wireless earbud with 10mm dynamic drivers, which delivers the best stereo sound and bass. They are updated with wireless technology and chip-set, which offer a powerful and crisp sound quality.

It has Bluetooth version v5.0 with a fast and solid pairing within the range of 10 meters. The pTron Bassbuds have powerful stereo calling with a high-frequency response and distortion-free bass. The plastic acoustic design makes it durable and gives a 6 hours playback time.


  • Inline remote
  • One year warranty
  • great for gaming purpose
  • Good quality bass
  • High sound quality
  • Durable and long-lasting plastic material


  • No waterproof technology

9. Zebronics Sound Bomb

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 140 g
  • Color: Black, Black-Red, White
  • Bluetooth version: v5.0
  • 6mm dynamic drivers
  • 6 hours playback time
  • 18 hours extra backup

A few time ago, Zebronics had its hands-on computer accessories such as mice and keyboards. Recently Zebronics has jumped into the audio market, and considering the popularity of its products, no wonder it is famed in no time.
Our list of best TWS under 2000 consists of one such product: Zebronics Sound Bomb.

A lightweight, efficient, and crafted with the latest technology, the Zebronics Sound Bomb is one of the best-known earbuds in the market.

Starting with the fresh and unique look of the rectangular case of Zebronics Sound Bomb, and the icing on the cake is the matte finishing on the case.
The earbuds are designed in peculiar stem form, just like apple AirPods. These earbuds are ergonomically designed to snug fit in the ears with access to the soft touch control.

It is embedded with 6 mm dynamic drivers, which delivers clear vocals and excellent bass quality. And the most enjoyable feature is its noise isolation which is not entirely enthusiastic indoors but long last in the noisy outdoors. The earbuds have a 40mAh battery backup, which lasts 4-5 hours on a single charge. While the 350mAh charging case long last to charge the earbuds three times.

Along with all these features, the earbuds are laced with Bluetooth version v5.0  and splash proof feature


  • Wireless stereo calling
  • Supports Voice assistant
  • Splash proof
  • in0built rechargeable battery
  • Smooth touch controls


  • Need work on sound isolation and ear pin sizes.

10. Redmi Earbuds 2C

best earbuds under 2000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 35 g
  • Color: Black
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • IPX 4 rating
  • 3 hours battery life
  • 12 hours playback time

The last power pack performer for best earbuds under 2000 in India is Redmi Earbuds 2C. These are designed to deliver a cordless and compact sound experience, A deep and music-rich experience.

The Redmi Earbuds 2C has a compact and graceful design. The earbuds are designed in a tight and snug design that perfectly fits your ears.  And not forgetting the balanced and deep music delivered by the device.

The charging case has a 350 mAh battery which could charge the earbuds for upto 12 hours. The Bluetooth version 5.0 comes up with fast and stable pairing. Along with that, these earbuds have low latency, which makes them a perfect piece for gaming.

These earbuds are IPX4 certified, which makes them sweat and splash proof. Along with that, the earbuds are supportive of the voice assistant as well as the multifunction button.

Overall counted a decent product under 2000.


  • Splash-proof and sweat-proof
  • Supports voice assistant
  • Compatible for all devices
  • Mono mode


  • Noise cancellation

Buying Guide for best earbuds under 2000 in India-

It’s not an easy task to pick up any random earbud and buy it. It’s a real nut to crack, searching for the best earbuds, which match your requirements.

Every other person searching for earbuds has a different motive. Some people search for heavy bass, while some are smooth melody lovers, on the other side, some requires earbuds for calling purpose, and so on.

But, the one thing that connects everyone is they should be worth buying. Thus here comes of buying guide.

We have mentioned some basic features, which every earbud should have:

1. Clarity:

Either it’s heavy bass or mids/ highs in music, make sure that every single word is clear. No matter how severe the music is, the vocals and treble should be crisp, clear, and understanding.

2. Battery Life:

Battery plays a significant role with Bluetooth connective gadgets. Who wants them to die in between your introductory sessions.

Thus, you must look for earbuds with a minimal 3 hours battery life.

3. Portability:

One of the best things I like about earbuds is that they are easily portable with being feather lightweight. There is no need to carry heavy bags for them, you need to slip the box in the pocket, and you are ready for adventure.

4. Water-Resistance:

Water-resistance is a significant feature of Bluetooth earbuds. And heavy gym session or running or rain can damage your highly expensive earbuds. Thus, it would help if you went for the earbuds with a better IPX rating, and they should be water or sweat-resistant.

5. Control buttons:

Also, do not forget to check for the controlling options. Either it’s button control or touch control, plus how they work.

So, these were some essential points one should consider before buying the best earbuds under 2000.

Best Pick (Best Earbuds Under 2000) :
best earbuds under 2000 in India

Noise Shots Nuvo

Best Earbuds Under 2k

There are always three winners for a race, but only one gets first place. The first-place holder of the best pick for best earbuds under 2000 in India is Noise Shots Nuvo. It is one of the best products with perfect sound quality, top-notch features, and tich calling quality.

Noise Shots Nuvo is one of the top-rated and best-reviewed products. If you think this Noise Shots Nuvo can be an ideal match for you, then check it now.


1. Which earphones are best for ears, wired or wireless?

Both wired and wireless earphones are best for ears when used over a limited period. But, when excessively used, both can be harmful to the ears. And it is essential to read all the instructions before getting any earphones.

2. What are the best earbuds under 2000 in India?

The best earbuds under 2000 in India for 2022 are:
– Noise Shots Nuvo
– boAt Airdopes 171
– Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds

3. Are earbuds worth it?

Earbuds are worth it when to tend to leave your wired world of earphones behind and step into a tangle-free, effortless, weightless, and versatile world. The more you will use earbuds, the more you will start loving them.

4. What are the best earbuds for calling?

Jabra Elite Active 75t are counted in the list of best earbuds for calling.

Final Verdict –

When it comes to buying electronics online, reviews, ratings, and articles can help you save money and effort. And earbuds can be a pain in the neck when it comes to buying. Without proper knowledge and guidance, buying one can be no less than betting on casinos.

Similarly, getting the best tws earbuds under 2000 is not a pie to a cake, and that is why this article is for you.

This article has the top 10 best earbuds under 2000 in India, and it will help you choosing and differentiating between the earbuds. Every earbud mentioned in our article worth money, but you have to decide which one is a perfect partner for you, for your gyming sessions, dance classes, or calling.

Connect yourself with updated earbuds via mytechietalk.

Make a tangle-free and effortless way to get a pair of new earbuds under 2000 with us.

Top 10 Picks (best earbuds under 2k in India)

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