MI Trimmer vs Philips Trimmer bt3221 Comparison Review

MI Trimmer vs Philips Trimmer bt3221 Comparison Review

Trimmers have replaced the old blade razors, and the MI Trimmer and Phillips trimmer bt3221 are the hot topics of the century. Which one is better? The users have a catfight for this question, but there’s no cutting-edge winner.

Both mi and Philips are highly reputed brands in the market, where Phillips is the golden ager while mi is the greenhorn of the family.

MI Trimmer vs Philips trimmer bt3221: Which one is best?

Rather than hovering over the topic of MI Trimmer vs Philips Trimmer bt3221 Comparison, why not check out which one is the best? We have classified all the advantages and flaws of both the products and made it a cakewalk to choose one among them.

Let’s check out what and how the MI Trimmer and Philips Trimmer bt3221 manage to attract clients towards themselves.

MI Trimmer vs Philips Trimmer bt3221 Comparison Table –

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Of course, even after the features, it’s a tough puzzle to crack, choosing one of both the durable and quality trimmers. Both are the best brands in the market. Thus, it will be an easy nut to crack to choose one among them.

But at least we can make the task quite easy for you.

MI Beard Trimmer

MI Trimmer vs Philips Trimmer bt3221
  • MI has recently stepped its foot in the grooming market, and its #YourSalonAtHome Product is a big bang in the grooming market.

The specializations of MI Trimmer are:

  1. Powerful battery life: The MI Trimmer gives you a 90-minute long-term battery with a 2-hour charging time.
  2. Cord/ Cordless use: The trimmer can be used cordless, or you can use it with a plug-in cord while charging as well.
  3. Self-sharpening blades: The trimmer has stainless steel blades with round edges for skin-friendly shaving.
  4. Length setting: The trimmer gives a sharp precision cut with 6000 oscillations per minute. It has a 40-length setting and the help of 2 combos, that can be adjusted between 0.5mm to 20mm.
  5. IPX7 easy cleaning: Th MI Trimmer has a hydro-resistant feature, which makes it perfectly washable. Plus, you can clean the head of the trimmer with more convenience as the head is removable.
  6. Portable: The trimmer has a travel lock system, which means it saves the trimmer from switching intentionally. Plus, the trimmer comes with a travel pouch which makes it a perfect option for traveling.


  • Easily cleanable
  • Variations in length settings
  • Travel Lock
  • Travel pouch
  • Sharp, precise cutting


  • The warranty is low compared to Phillips bt3221.
  • Made in China Product.

Philips Trimmer bt3221

MI Trimmer vs Philips Trimmer bt3221
  • Philips Trimmer bt3221 is not a normal trimmer, and it is one of the top seller products of old school company. In other words, you can say an A1 product with experience and hard work of centuries.

The specializations of Philips Trimmer bt3221 are:

  1. Fast charging technology: The trimmer has a fast-charging feature, where the trimmer can be used for long 60 minutes after charging for 1.5 hours.
  2. Battery Indicator: There’s a battery indication feature in the trimmer that indicates the low/full/empty/ charging indications.
  3. Cord/ Cordless Use: The trimmer can be used in both ways, either with a cord or cordless.
  4. Length Setting: The Philips Trimmer bt3221 has 20 locks in length setting with a precision of 0.5 to 10mm.
  5. Blades: The trimmer has steel blades that give a perfect shape and cut-free shaving
  6. Lift and Trim System: The lift and trim system guides low-lying hairs to the level of the edges so that they can be trimmed efficiently.
  7. Long-term warranty: The trimmer comes with a 2+1-year warranty, which is awe-inspiring.


  • One of the oldest and most trusted brands
  • Long term warranty
  • Multiple shaving options
  • Smooth, cut-free shaving.


  • Philips Trimmer bt3221 has fewer length settings compared to MI Trimmers.
  • There’s no travel lock feature.


So, here it ends, MI Trimmer vs Philips Trimmer bt3221 Comparison.

We have tried to put both the sides of MI Trimmer and Philips trimmer bt3221. But, if you are still confused about which one to choose or which one is better, then we have one last suggestion, and that is:

If you are using Philips for a long time and don’t want to switch, then the Philips Trimmer bt3221 is the product to be added to your Wishlist while looking for a taste change and a new option, then MI Trimmer is the best option for you.

Now, you decide, Amazon’s delivery boy will deliver which trimmer at your doorstep.

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