Boat Bassheads 220 vs 225 Comparison, Which Is Better?

Which One is better BoAt bassheads 220 vs 225?

BoAt 220 Vs 225 – Do you want to enrich your music experience? If yes! Then we indeed have something for you.

Tighten your belt to unbox the most amusing suspense in the electronics market.

Good music is of no use without quality earphones.

Imagine yourself listening to a melody by low sound or high bass and beat songs in cheap bass quality earphones. It’s no less than a nightmare for music lovers and partyphiles.

It’s not an easy task to get the correct piece worth money. Therefore we’ve got the money-worth value earphones for you.

In this season of wireless Bluetooth, earphones Let’s get you a nice pair of Bluetooth earphones.

Getting an earphone is not an easy task, especially when you have a variety of gem offers.

So, why not take a dip and get the most exclusive pearl for yourself?

Get a new sensational vibe from the music.

Today, we have got you the best competitive comparison between BoAt bassheads 220 Vs 225 in this article.

Join us to get a full tour of the fantastic boAt earphones.

The long wait has been over now. The boAt is back with its new and stylish products.

The boAt is now a renowned name in the sea of the Indian consumer market. Starting with small business, not it is touching the feet of success.

Now, not getting more into depth. Let’s start the intro of our today’s products – BoAt bassheads 220 and BoAt bassheads 225.

BoAt bassheads 220

BoAt bassheads 220 vs 225

Key features

  • Model Name- BassHeads 220 Wired Earphones
  • Launched on – 28 May 2018.
  • Colour options- Black, blue, red, Frosty white, Molten Orange, Neon lime
  • Type of headphone- Wired
  • Connectivity – Wired(L- shaped Jack)
  • Inline remote.
  • Driver Size- 10mm.

Whether it’s the design look or quality, boAt bassheads 220 has got its unbelieving features. BoAt bassheads 220 has a classy metal look, which attracts in a single glance.

I hate tangled wires. What about you?

You might be wondering why I’m asking this? Well, Well, I’m coming to it.

The most headache thing with earphones is putting them in a way that they don’t get tangled, and it no less than making a dog’s tail straight.

So, in simple words, it’s cynical to stop them from getting tangled.

It seems like they are meant to be tangled.

But, not now.

Boat bassheads 220 vs 225
Boat bassheads 220

These BoAt bassheads 220 have a 1.2-meter long wire, which is tangle-free. Yep! Now put them in any way. They will always be this easy peasy.

The boAt bassheads has other nifty features like inline remote control, an in-built mic, and a single button for the command. This bassheads is it is only 50g in weight: too many features but too light-weighted.

The best part about this you have a list of colors to choose from. YES! It’s like a candy store.

You can get this in Black, Blue, Frosty white, Molten Orange, Neon lime, and Red.

Trust me. No other earphone has this many color variations. These colors will give you an enthusiastic and sporty look. Now, you can groove while exercising, running, walking, in fact, anytime.

You can make every beat yours.

Boat bassheads 220 vs 225
Boat bassheads 220


  • BoAt bassheads 220 is and splendid product.
  • Crystal clear sound.
  • High bass quality.
  • Exceptional quality in-built mic.
  • Get an extra pair of earbuds.
  • Tangle Free wire set.
  • Noise cancellation earphones.


  • Quite uncomfortable in the fitting.
  • Due to metal finishing, earphones feel fantastic on the ears in winter.
  • Earbuds are quite unfit for earphones.

Overall BoAt bassheads 220 reviews-

The more we tried to explore BoAt bassheads 220, the more positive reviews we got. We are not saying this. The people like you, among you, have experienced it by themselves and sharing it with us.

YES! There are a few cons, but there are plenty of features of this earphone, making this earphone stand out.

These are the best and budget-friendly wired earphones you will get at Amazon.

BoAt bassheads 225

BoAt bassheads 220 vs 225

Key features –

  • Model Name- BassHeads 225 Wired Earphones
  • Launched on – 1 January 2017.
  • Colour options- Black, blue, red, Frosty white, Molten Orange, Neon lime
  • Type of headphone- Wired
  • Connectivity – Wired(3.5 mm L- shaped Jack)
  • Inline remote.
  • Sweatproof.
  • Sensitivity – 98 dB
  • 10 mm drivers.
  • The frequency range of – 20 Hz to 20KHz.

Moving towards our following product- The BoAt bassheads 225.

It’s the second number on our list, which doesn’t mean it is number two. BoAt bassheads 225 is giving equal competition to BoAt bassheads 220.

bassheads 225 is an eye-soothing product for design and look, conscious people. Boat bassheads 225 is a combination of reasonable price and quality products.

It has a strong metal, which you can say is entirely unbreakable. The metal has given this shiny look, making the BoAt bassheads 225 more alluring.

With a strong bass, it has an in-built mic that serves a quality sound.

boAt BassHeads 225 vs 220
boAt BassHeads 225

The most annoying thing about earphones is the noise in the background while calling. If you are a regular caller, you might have noticed that most earphones can’t cancel the background noise, which becomes a barrier in conversation, making the person on the other side of the call irritated.

But, you now have an option- BoAt bassheads 225.

BoAt bassheads 225 has a noise cancellation feature that cancels the background noise at a very high limit.

Plus, when it comes to music, this earphone gives you a crisp and clear melody. You will get to hear every low and high, making your mood delighted.

This BoAt bassheads 225 is the best option for exercise and running as it is sweatproof and drip every drop of your headwork with music.

Not forgetting to mention color choices- BoAt bassheads 225 has similar color options as BoAt bassheads 220, and those are Black, blue, red, Frosty white, Molten Orange, and Neon lime.

BoAt bassheads 225 is just super-duper excellent, or you can say fifty shades of colors.

boAt BassHeads 225 vs 220
boAt BassHeads 225


  • Extremely comfortable while wearing.
  • Noise cancellation earphones.
  • Tangle Free wire set.
  • Wire quality is solid and durable.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Crystal clear sound.
  • High bass quality.
  • Exceptional quality in-built mic.
  • Get an extra pair of earbuds.
  • Replacement and warranty.


  • With increasing volume, more than 75% have distorted sound.

Overall BoAt bassheads 225 reviews-

Thousands of customers use BoAt bassheads 225, and all have only one word, which is impressive. BoAt bassheads 225 is one of the most creative and pleasant sets of earphones made by BoAt, either sound or look.

Whether calling, music, or video call, BoAt bassheads 225 has up-to-mark voice and sound.

Once you buy it, you are not going to regret the deal.

And if you have planned to purchase this cute earphone, then Amazon is the best place to get it, even at more discounted rates.

Boat Bassheads 220 vs 225 Comparison Table

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Conclusion –

We’ve already shown every single detail of both Boat bassheads 220 vs 225 to you. For the first time, mytechietalk had given the key in your hands.

The option to choose for yourself, what you love, what you want.

We’ve shown you the pros, cons, and every single feature of this fantastic creature of BoAt.

Now, it’s your time, you call.

Take a step now.

Choose whole-heartily but smartly.

And if I still have confusion, then mytechietalk is here. Pin us up. We are here for you.

At last, a slight hint- Low price, extreme bass- then go for BoAt bassheads 220. Low price, good quality, durable and comfortable wearing, then BoAt bassheads 225 is your dream earphone.

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