Manual Treadmill vs Electric Treadmill which is better?

Manual Treadmill vs Electric Treadmill which is better?

The comfort of working out at home anytime is what these days people are looking forward to, especially the ones having a hectic schedule. Gym equipment can always save your day. Whether it’s mental or physical stress, all you need is a good workout session. But, do you like going to the gym? If not, then home gym equipment is something that is going to save a lot of time of yours plus will give you a full gym feel and facility.

Treadmills are first on the list when it comes to effective and easy workout sessions. If you want to enjoy a good gym session at home, nothing can be a better option than treadmills.

Before anything, the question that knock my head is, which one to settle with: manual treadmill vs electric treadmill?

Both are precisely good options and efficiently beneficial and have both their boons and bane.

This article will give you a quick review of electric treadmills vs manual treadmills and help you choose one of them.

SpecificationsManual TreadmillElectric/Motorized Treadmill
Movement of Running BeltBy User‘s speedDepends on the motor
SizeSmall and CompactLarge
PowerNot requiredPower is required
PriceLow pricedExpensive
SafetySafe to useQuite risky
Check PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

What is a Manual Treadmill?

The manual treadmill is also known as a self-powered treadmill because only your motion will set the belt into action.

When the user walks or runs on the manual treadmill, the movement of their feet helps out the running belt to move. The running belt’s inertia gives the user resistance that helps him move/jog or run on the treadmill. As you can see, it’s a tough row to hoe, as you have to put effort according to the speed you want. In manual treadmills, the speed depends on your motion. If the user slows down, the belt will automatically slow down.

Let’s check out what’s the merits and demerits of using a Manual or Self-Powered Treadmill.

Pros of using a manual treadmill

Self-Powered treadmills are cheap cardio machines

Without heavy and powerful motors and other components, manual treadmills are less costly than electric treadmills. Manual treadmills are the better option if you want to save money from your gym equipment without compromising your workout session.

High-Intensity workout

The athlete trainers mostly use manual treadmills for their high and moderate-intensity workouts. These are quite famous among professional sports players.

Do not require a power run

In manual treadmills, you don’t have to depend on the power to have a workout session. All you need is a manual treadmill at your home, and you can enjoy your slow walk or passive running session anytime, anywhere at your home. If you have good muscle power, say goodbye to power extension and operate the manual treadmill.

Safe to use

A non-motorized or manual treadmill dance on your moves, if you will slow down, the speed of the machine will automatically slow down. While using a manual treadmill, you do not have to wear safety cords or worry about falling around.

Smaller in Size

The manual treadmill does not have a heavy assembly and a motor, which makes them compact and small, plus a perfect fit for small rooms.

Cons of using Manual Treadmill

Joint Stress

It isn’t easy to move the running belt of the manual treadmill for longer durations. Straining against the belt can stress the knee joint or hip joints. It’s the same as climbing a hill; that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Speed is parallel to efforts

The more speed you want, the more effort you have to put in. If you want a high speed, it’s quite tough if you are running slow.

Low Quality

The non-motorized treadmills are not durable and long-lasting. They lack heavy material like heavy material and sturdy frames that impact the durability of the treadmill.

Lack of features and digital functions

Due to lack of power, manual treadmills only display time, distance and speed. For digital features like pulse rate or heart rate monitor and track records, it needs a bigger screen and power, which is not possible with manual treadmills.

Best if you walk, not run

The manual treadmills do not have stable and sturdy construction. And they often have shorter running belts that make it a better place to walk, not run.

What is a Motorized Treadmill?

The electric or Motorized treadmills are the modern, updated and renewed version of Manual treadmills. With its classy-sassy look and updated digital features, the motorized treadmills are in trend these days.

The electric treadmills are equipped with powerful DC or AC motors, and this is why they are also known as Motorized treadmills. The Electric treadmills are an ideal fit for beginners who look for fitness and workout sessions at home.

Motorized treadmills are more admired and in-demand than the manual treadmill is because of their ability to program adjustable speed, time and incline in workout sessions. The plus point of these electric treadmills is you don’t have to put extra effort to run. All you need is a treadmill with an extra power horsepower motor.

Plus, all your records, travel history, pulse rate, heart rate sensor, every small detail will be monitored by the electric or motorized treadmills.

Pros of using an Electric or Motorized Treadmill

Say goodbye to straining

In motorized treadmills, you do not have to move strain to start it; the belt will automatically move by the motor.

More Comfortable to run

The electric treadmills provide extra cushioning that saves stress in the knee and joints. If you suffer from knee, ankle, or hip joint pain, then electric treadmills are the best solution. Plus, the shock-absorbing technology of electric treadmills is icing on the cake.

You can personalize workouts

In electric treadmills, the benefit is you don’t have to stuck on jogging or running. You can do your cardio-muscular workouts or enjoy the pre-set workout programs on the treadmill. Plus, you can vary the speed or incline, or distances according to your comfort and ease. In motorized treadmills, you are the trainer and coach yourself.

Best for longer training sessions

The manual treadmills are used for small workout sessions. On the other side, you can enjoy a long-term workout or endurance sessions in electric treadmills.


In Manual treadmills vs electric treadmills, the electric treadmills are quite durable than the electric treadmills.

Multiple digital features

You can enjoy several updated features like time, distance, speed, and calories burned. Not only that, you’ll get a record of your whole workout session along with your pulse rate and heart rate monitor. What else could you ask for?

Cons of using an Electric or Motorized treadmill


Compare to a manual treadmill, due to heavy motors and other features; electric treadmills are expensive. With their beneficial and digital features, they can cost a fortune more than a manual treadmill.

Need the power to run
You can sense it in the name ‘Electric treadmills’ run by electricity or power. Without a power or extension cord, you will not be able to use the electric treadmill.

Bigger and heavier in Size

With its motor and all features, the electric or motorized treadmills are heavier and bigger. Although these days, electric treadmills have a foldable design yet compared to manual treadmills, they are bigger.

Safety Hazards

There are more chances to stumble or fall off the treadmill in an electric treadmill while a workout session. Suppose your speed is parallel to the treadmill’s speed, then it’s quite dangerous. So, make sure to wear a safety cord to shut off the electric treadmill in an emergency fall. And make sure before you start the workout sessions you know every control of the machine, reducing the chances of injury.

Conclusion: Which one is the best: Manual treadmill or Motorized Treadmill?

We have reached the part where we have to answer the question with which the journey of this article started: Which one to choose: Manual Treadmill Vs Electric Treadmill?

There’s no doubt that both the treadmills will deliver you an exceptional workout and help you improve your health and strengthen your muscles.

But, when it comes to buying one, everyone has a different choice. Some would prefer electric treadmills, whereas some are more tilted towards manual treadmills.

In comparing Electric treadmill vs manual treadmill, you have seen the merits and demerits of both the motorized and manual treadmills.
As per our judgment, manual treadmills are best for walkers and users looking for low-budget but exceptionally good treadmills. Plus, make sure you are ready to put all the effort into manual treadmills, as the workout in the treadmill depends on your speed or pace.

But motorized treadmills are well benefited to people with serious running goals or beginners. Plus, electric treadmills are more expensive and durable. If you have a good budget and look for durable treadmills with unlimited features, go for electric or motorized treadmills.

So, what are you going for, a Manual treadmill or motorized treadmill? Make a smart choice as the ball is in your court.

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