PowerMax TDA 150 Vs TDA 230 – which one is better?

PowerMax TDA 150 Vs TDA 230- which one is better?

The custom of competition never goes off trend. Whether it’s a living person or a non-living product, they will be differentiated if there are multiple options. I never thought I would be differentiating two super classy-sassy treadmills. Neither would you have thought of buying a treadmill when the gym is there. But see, here we are. Differentiating the two sportiest treadmills of trendy brands and planning to buy one of them.

No wonder in the last two years, health and safety has made all do wonder like staying and workout at home.

In this article, we will review and differentiate between two fully-featured Treadmills of PowerMax: PowerMax fitness TDA 150 Vs TDA 230. This article will help you to choose the better option for you.

PowerMax Fitness TDA- 150

PowerMax Fitness TDA- 150

Key specs –

  • Dimensions: 73.92 x 129.8 x 73.92 cm
  • Net weight: 70gm
  • Running belt: 49.6 x 17.7inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120Kg
  • Motor: 2.5HP (Peak-5HP)
  • Speed Range: 1Km/h- 18Km/h
  • Incline: 0-18%

The PowerMax Fitness TDA-150 treadmill is a motorized treadmill with a foldable design, smart run function, and auto lubrication feature.

The treadmill is a pro-machine for the workout, walk, run and jog and is equipped with an efficient, silent, and super powerful 2.5HP DC green motor with a peak of 5HP. No additional stabilizer is needed for better performance.

Along with that, the 5.5” LCD screen monitors the time, speed, pulse, body fat, distance, and calories of the user. Not a single movement of your body will go unnoticed by the treadmill.

The auto incline feature of 0% to 18% ensures a hard-core workout, whereas the incline keys are equipped at the handle grip.

With a speed range of 1Km/h – 18Km/h and a smart run function where you can record your workout program, the PowerMax Fitness TDA-159 is something beyond amazing.

The BMI Fat function and 12 pre-set programs with 3 target modes ensure that you can enjoy every workout on the treadmill.

Above that, the softened hydraulic system helps in the easy folding and unfolding of the treadmill. Moreover, the comfort tech 6 point commercial-grade damping system ensures total comfort while running. Overall a fully-featured, modern electric treadmill.

PowerMax Fitness TDA-230

PowerMax Fitness TDA-230 (4HP Peak) Smart Folding Electric Treadmill

Key specs –

  • Dimensions: 32 x 46 x 72 cm
  • Net weight: 58 Kg
  • Running belt: 49.6 x 16.5 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 115Kg
  • Motor: 2HP (Peak 4HP)
  • Speed Range: 1Km/h – 14Km/h
  • Incline: 0-15%

The PowerMax Fitness TDA-230 smart folding electric treadmill is an ideal machine for home gym and cardio training. Now you don’t need separate equipment for both. One single device works for both workouts. The treadmill has a 4.0 HP Peak DC motor, and it is an auto incline up to 15% along with a width of 1260 x 420mm of the running surface. The anti-skid, multilayer running belt is made of multi-ply urethane coated with higher polyester satin weave with a PVC.

The blue 14cm LCD monitors Time, Speed, Distance, Incline, Calories, and Heart Rate. Along with that, the treadmill has a function to calculate BMI/Body fat to check whether you are fat or healthy.

Moreover, the other features like wheels for easy transport, Auto-lubrication, Foldable and easy to install, Ipad holder, AUX, USB input, bottle holder, and Music control keys. Overall it is a multifunctional treadmill with massagers, Sit-ups, Dumbbells, and Twister for the waist.

Comparison Table: PowerMax Fitness TDA-150 Vs TDA 230

#PreviewPowerMax TDA 150 Vs TDA 230PowerMax TDA 150 Vs TDA 230
SpecificationsPowerMax TDA-230PowerMax TDA-150
Motor2 Hp (Peak 4HP)2.5 Hp (Peak 5HP)
Running belt49.6 inches x 16.5 inches49.6 x 17.7inches
Incline15 level auto incline18 level auto incline
Programs12 pre-set programs12 pre-set programs
Target Modes3 target modes3 target modes
Speed Range1Km/h -14 km/h1km/h – 18km/h
Maximum Weight Capacity115Kg120Kg
USB portYesYes
Additional AccessoriesBottle and smart phone holderBottle and smart phone holder
AUX PortYesYes
LCD screen5 inches5.5 inches
Statics to seeSpeed, time, distance, calorie, heart rateSpeed, time, distance, calorie, heart rate
Heart Rate SensorsYesYes
Auto LubricationYesYes
Warranty3 years motor, 1-year parts, lifetime frame warranty3 years motor, 1-year parts, lifetime frame warranty
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Comparison: PowerMax Fitness TDA-150 Vs TDA 230


  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 150- The treadmill is equipped with a 2.5HP DC green efficient and powerful motor with a peak of 5HP.
  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 230- Whereas PowerMax Fitness TDA 230 has 2.0HP DC green efficient and robust motor with a peak of 4HP.

Speed range

  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 150- The speed range of PowerMax Fitness TDA 150 is 1Km/h-18Km
  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 230- The speed levels in the treadmill is up to 1Km/h – 14Km/h


  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 150- You can intensify the workout sessions with a 0-18% auto incline.
  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 230- The workout can be intensified with 0-15% auto inclination.

Maximum weight capacity

  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 150- The PowerMax Fitness TDA 150 has a maximum weight capacity of 120Kg.
  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 230- The treadmill can bear a maximum weight of up to 115Kg.

Running Belt

  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 150- The running belt size of PowerMax Fitness TDA 150 is 1260 x 450mm / 49.6 x 17.7inches.
  • PowerMax Fitness TDA 230- The running belt size of PowerMax Fitness TDA 230 is 1260 x 420mm / 49.6 x 16.5 inches.

Final verdict

Both our treadmills: PowerMax TDA 150 vs TDA 230, are the best options. But, as you keep reading them, you will get to know that somewhere the features of PowerMax Fitness TDA 150 are much specific and updated. There’s only a slight difference between the price ranges of both the products. Thus, why not buy the one which is more updated and technology laced. Either its running belt size or speed range or auto incline, or maximum weight capacity, the PowerMax Fitness TDA 150 is slightly ahead of PowerMax Fitness TDA 230.

You can check both the products, read out the differences yourself, and then choose one among them.

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